Please read first: I read and respond to all emails*, perhaps more faithfully than I respond to comments on specific posts—let’s be honest: with two young kids vying for my attention, I am almost never free to respond immediately, and my short-term memory is basically nonexistent. Of course, you are free to ask questions and offer encouragements in the comment sections of specific posts, and I very much enjoy getting comments! But please be advised that emails are a much better way to communicate with me during this stage of life!

Before you send me a note, please check out the Substitution Guide and FAQs, the Food Dictionary, and the Nutrition page for answers to quick, general questions. Is your question or idea addressed there? Excellent! If not, please go ahead and write to me at:

smellslikebrownies [at] gmail [dot] com

Make sure to include a very specific subject line (a recipe title would be best). This will help  me respond in a timely way!

Also, you can follow me on Twitter: @SmellsLkBrwnies
and Instagram: @smellslikebrownies

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

♥ Melissa

*Please note, however, that I do not accept third-party written content. I am willing to consider writing sponsored posts about your favorite topic/ingredient/cookbook, especially where it lines up with my natural tastes and style. All content generated by Smells Like Brownies is dreamed up, written, and photographed by me, except in specifically documented instances.

© 2011-2016 Smells Like Brownies

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